Toronto skydiving accident results in the death of a TikTok influencer

According to a friend who attended her burial, a Canadian TikTok influencer passed away last week after suffering a skydiving accident in Toronto.

On TikTok, Tanya Pardazi, 21, had more than 95,000 followers and two million likes under the user name philosatea.

According to Skydive Toronto, a skydiving student “succumbed to fatal injuries gained during an emergency circumstance” on August 27. The school did not name the deceased student, but Melody Ozgoli, a friend of Pardazi’s for approximately ten years, confirmed via phone to CNN on Saturday that Pardazi was the victim.

In her most recent TikTok post from August 22, Pardazi noted that she had just started taking courses with the sky diving firm.


The skydiver opened the primary parachute rapidly and at a low altitude without giving the backup parachute enough time or space to expand, according to a statement from the firm.

The jumper “was a welcomed recent addition to the sky diving community and will be missed among the student’s new friends and fellow jumpers of Skydive Toronto Inc,” the statement read. This catastrophe has had a major impact on the Skydive Toronto Inc. crew since they have spent more than 50 years perfecting their student training program.

Ozgoli characterized her as gregarious, adventurous, open-minded, and clever, as well as always being there for people.

“She was recognized for her beauty, but what she was known for most was her brilliant brains.” “Every single person I spoke to highlighted how brilliant she was, how smart she was, and how much she knew,” Ozgoli, 20, said.

According to Ozgoli, Pardazi was known for “taking up new hobbies.”

The funeral for Pardazi, conducted on Friday, was well-attended, according to Ozgoli.

We all donned white to the wedding because, as Ozgoli put it, “she was an angel.” “I believe that what you did was unique, and Tanya was unusual and unique. Without a doubt, she was unique.

In accordance with a press statement from the police, the South Simcoe Police Service and the Office of the Chief Coroner “are investigating the fatality.”

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