The Queen amused us six times.

The Queen had a carefully scripted position in public life, and she frequently had to maintain a straight face. She did, however, give us a hint of her sense of humor in her final years.

Here is a look back at some of her funniest moments, like having a marmalade sandwich with Paddington Bear and photobombing Australian hockey players.

James Bond and the Queen first met

The Queen made a stunning entrance during the London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony with the assistance of another British legend, James Bond.

The Queen got a visit from 007 in Buckingham Palace as part of a comedy written and directed by Danny Boyle, and the two then left together via helicopter. The audience cheered as she then seemed to jump into the Olympic Stadium.

Having tea with Paddington Bear for the Jubilee

The Queen was seen enjoying tea with Paddington Bear as part of her Platinum Jubilee festivities in June. The scene was part of the BBC’s Party at the Palace, which celebrated the Queen’s 70 years as monarch.

As the party was ready to start, Paddington gave her his favorite treat: a marmalade sandwich. He pulled one out from under his trademark red hat and informed her, “I usually carry one for emergencies.”

The Queen said, “So do I,” pulling out her own purse from within her trademark black bag.

Using a sacred sword to slice a cake

Throughout her reign, the Queen sliced several cakes, one with a ceremonial sword. In Cornwall, England, in 2021, she employed the more unusual technique.

The Queen remained unfazed when a volunteer pointed her that a regular knife was available.

She continued to hold the blade, “I know there is,” she responded. This is more peculiar.

“Fighting talk” from the Invictus Games

A popular video featuring the Queen and her grandson Prince Harry to support the Invictus Games went viral in 2016.

The two watched a video greeting from Barack and Michelle Obama, the former US president and first woman, in which they challenged Prince Harry to a game of sport.

The Queen was unperturbed. Oh honestly, she begged.

Laughing at a bee swarm

At hundreds of important ceremonies, the late Duke of Edinburgh was present with the Queen.

But in 2003, a swarm of bees disrupted a military review at Windsor Castle, making things less than smoothly. Chris Young’s photographs of the royal couple laughing were documented.

According to him, it was a “human moment.” She was laughing like a small kid, and he was joining in the fun.

Australian hockey players being photobombed

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