Six of the Top Netflix Series to Watch Now

Having trouble deciding what to watch tonight on Netflix? The WIRED guide to the top Netflix TV programs in 2022 is the only resource you need. weekly updates

Everyone can find something on Netflix, but there are also a lot of duds. To assist you in finding the finest content to watch, we regularly update our list of the top TV series available on the site. We also include some less well-known jewels, so we’re sure you’ll discover a must-watch series you’ve never heard of.

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  • Arcane

Let’s face it: Video game-based animated shows frequently range from cheap cash-ins to forgettable tie-ins that are only available to ardent fans. Arcane, in comparison, distinguishes apart from the herd by making references to League of Legends by Riot Games almost optional. Although the game’s protagonists, orphaned sisters Vi and Jinx, may be played, viewers don’t need to be aware of their narrative to appreciate this steampunk tale of class conflict, civic insurrection, and the people caught in the between.Arcane defies its roots to become one of the greatest animated shows in years, and it has picked up several prizes, including a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program, to prove it. Arcane has a lovely impressionistic visual style, compelling characters, and often surprising plot elements.

  • Uncoupled

When real estate agent Michael (Neil Patrick Harris) learns that his 17-year boyfriend is leaving him, his entire world is turned upside down. As a single gay man in his 40s living in Manhattan, having to navigate the fickle, shallow dating and hook-up scene is probably even worse than having to start over. Uncoupled, a sharply written comedy-drama with a great ensemble cast that includes Tuc Watkins and Tisha Campbell, is equally likely to hit you with an emotional sucker punch as it is to make you laugh out loud. It is as much about the dangers and pitfalls of starting over as it is about the quirks of contemporary relationships.

  • Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

In this context, the term “adaptation” refers to the art of “perfectly translating a deliciously dark series of young adult novels to a visual medium without sacrificing any of the otherworldly strangeness of the source material”—down to the carefully crafted dialogue and fourth wall-breaking bookends delivered by author Lemony Snicket (or, if you’re picky, Patrick Warburton). Violet, Klaus, and baby Sunny are the desperate Baudelaire orphans who repeatedly flee the schemes of the evil Count Olaf (a scene-stealing Neil Patrick Harris) in the wake of their parents’ mysterious deaths. Violet, Klaus, and Sunny’s story is told in full in Netflix’s adaptation of Snicket’s 13-book series, which is a remarkable achievement. Forget the shortened 2004 film adaptation; this three-season masterwork is the only way to truly capture Snicket’s nightmarish universe.

  • The Umbrella Academy

The third season of The Umbrella Academy sees the dysfunctional adopted siblings of the Hargreeves family returning in the present and coming face to face with… the Hargreeves family after stopping the apocalypse and becoming stranded in the 1960s. It turns out that interfering with the space-time continuum might have unexpected consequences, such as your controlling mentor/father adopting seven other children with superpowers rather than you. However, being imprisoned in a different timeline isn’t the worst of it.In addition, there is the little issue of a Kugelblitz that is poised to shatter reality. Both new viewers and those who have read every panel of the source material have no idea where this season will lead them or how strange things are about to get. This is because The Umbrella Academy has overtaken the original comics, which were created by My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way and artist Gabriel Bá.

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