Prince Harry came alone to meet his grandmother as she died, and it wasn’t by chance… Meghan Markle was apparently not invited to accompany her.

Katie Nicholl, a royal specialist, tells ET… The Duchess of Sussex was not included in the reach-out to Harry when word broke that Queen Elizabeth was on her deathbed, which explains why he traveled alone.

According to the story, Meghan’s choice to skip the wedding was determined by higher-ups in the Royal Family rather than, as some had hypothesized, Meghan as a gesture of goodwill or out of respect for Harry.

Nicholl asserts that A later date, according to Meghan, she will visit Balmoral Castle, the scene of QE2’s demise. As you recall, Meghan could have simply left. She and Harry had already traveled to the UK for business purposes when they learned of the situation, and they even postponed a planned London event.

King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla did make it in time because they were already in Scotland for other obligations, but in the end, Harry arrived at Balmoral after the Queen’s death was revealed. Which additional family members visited Elizabeth before she passed away is unknown.

Be mindful… Kate Middleton did not accompany Prince William to Scotland either; nevertheless, she and William made it plain that she would be staying behind at Windsor Castle with their three children.

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