Kanye West is riled up once more and has redirected his anger toward a specific Adidas executive who is featured prominently on Ye’s Instagram page along with some insightful remarks.

Ye launched an onslaught on Saturday, publishing a number of new pieces that target Daniel Cherry III. Kanye is dragging Adidas’ Senior Vice President and General Manager, DC, through the mud for what he purportedly perceives as a Yeezy brand heist.

This was seen earlier this week. KW was furious because he believed he was being forced out of his role as Yeezy’s manager at Gap; now, he’s returning to Adidas, the original employer.

He makes mention to “VCs” (venture capitalists) in one of his most recent texts, which appears to be directed towards Cherry. Kanye pens: “CAPITALIST FOR VENTURES WHOSE ONLY ADVENTURE IS CAPITALISM. SINCE THEY CAN’T CREATE, THEY TRY TO OUT COUNT THE CREATIVES.”

DIE SLOW, Ye adds. There is more. In an apparent reference to their shared past, Kanye claims that DC just informed Lil Uzi Vert that he should have “took it to the hands” with Ye years ago, which has left him extremely enraged. When Cherry is fired, as Ye predicts, he claims to already have a false NYT death cover story ready.

“I GUARANTEE YOU’LL HAVE TO RELOCATE BEFORE I’M LEGALLY FINISHED WITH YOU,” he adds in another letter. The idea that Cherry was hired to manage Yeezy without Kanye’s knowledge and is allegedly running it into the ground is implied by the numerous altered images of Chery in various circumstances with sarcastic comments created by Kanye. At least from KW’s perspective.

In one of his recent photos, Kanye also seems to be continuing a text conversation with Kim regarding where their children should attend school. Kanye has a lot on his mind right now, and he’s letting the world know about it in public.

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