In the midst of demands to fire Chelsea, Thomas Tuchel responds to Dinamo Zagreb’s defeat in the Champions League.

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel exhibited a disturbing aspect to his thinking and attitude in a separate interview away from the post-match news conference in the Croatian capital on Tuesday night. The Blues manager tried to find solutions to the Dinamo Zagreb Champions League upset loss.

The competition’s victors for 2020/21 were anticipated to pick up maximum points on the first night in Group E, but they failed horribly as Ante Cacic’s inspired squad shut out a lackluster Chelsea outfit for whom Deadline Day acquisition Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang couldn’t even help out.

Thomas Tuchel chelsea's coach
Thomas Tuchel chelsea’s coach

Mislav Orsic extended his impressive goal-scoring record against London clubs, as he loves to do. He had previously scored numerous goals against Tottenham and West Ham, respectively. The midfielder was able to gallop through on goal and dink his attempt past the advancing Kepa Arrizabalaga thanks to a brilliant bit of interplay in the center of the field. As a result of that one occurrence, Wesley Fofana and Kalidou Koulibaly were both referred to the Chuckle Brothers, which ultimately demonstrated the division between the two sides.

When asked if his opponents shocked him in any way at the post-game news conference, Tuchel responded, “No, they did not. “We believed we would receive what we did, and I believe we did. The past several games had a similar pattern: we performed well for the first 15-20 minutes, but after that, we lacked focus, accuracy, and perhaps even the scent of blood. We should have had by far enough deliveries, spacing, and ball wins to have had far more attempts, but we didn’t. It’s the first time we’ve ever let up a goal on a counterattack with two players. Why it occurred now is beyond my comprehension.

“It’s obviously my responsibility to analyze it, so I’m doing it now and will continue to do it from the sidelines. We must substantially improve. Although we are not done, we are not satisfied with our performance or our overall style of play, but I believed we were headed in the right direction. Today’s performance has a little bit shocked me.”

When comparing his demeanor and comments at his press conference to the one he projected in Chelsea’s internal media, the Chelsea manager—who is now the second-favorite manager in the Premier League behind Leicester’s Brendan Rodgers to face the early chop—was undoubtedly far more talkative.

Before just saying, “he doesn’t know,” the German made some odd sounds and paused approximately 10 seconds when asked how he would generate a reaction from this group of players before Fulham at the weekend.

Chelsea fans should be concerned by this response from such an energetic individual. Some have noted that Tuchel is no longer as visible on the sidelines as he once was. Many people believe that his divorce in his life outside of football is now affecting his attitude and thinking on the field.

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