After Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, the Premier League issues a statement and confirms the decision about the match.

All games this weekend have been postponed, according to a statement from the Premier League.

Following the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Premier League has announced that all of the games planned this weekend would be postponed and rescheduled for a later date.

On Thursday in the castle of Balmoral, the Queen passed away quietly. A 12-day period of mourning was started in the UK as a result of her terrible death. To honor Her Majesty, the Premier League has decided to postpone this weekend’s games, which was a difficult choice.

The league’s official website issued the following statement: “At a meeting this morning, Premier League clubs paid tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. As a mark of respect and in recognition of her extraordinary life and contribution to the nation, this weekend’s Premier League match round will be postponed, including Monday evening’s game.”

“We and our clubs would want to pay respect to Her Majesty’s long and steadfast devotion to our nation. As our longest-serving queen, she has been an inspiration and leaves behind an outstanding legacy following a life of commitment,” said Richard Masters, Chief Executive of the Premier League.

“This is a really sad time for the country, but also for the millions of people who adored her throughout the world, and we join them in grieving her loss.”

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